I have tried everything imaginable

Joanne - bjeros@sasktel.net

Posted 2006-06-04

I am so grateful to have found this site.

I have had tailbone pain for four years now and I have literally tried everything namely:

Massage, chiropractic treatment, myofacial treatment, acupuncture, reflexology, osteopath, physiotherapy, cortisone shots.

I have seen many doctors namely: Nerve Specialist, Bone specialist, back specialist, General Practitioner, Rheumatologist

I have had many tests namely: Bone Scans, CT Scans, MRI's, Nerve Testing, Xrays, Ultrasound----

I have taken many medications namely: Tylenol 3 with Codeine, many NSAIDS, Anti depressants, Motrin, many anti inflammatory

All of the above have proved short lived relief; like a few hours. I found swimming gives some relief. The only thing that makes it feel better is standing or walking. Who can stand forever or walk forever. I have tried sitting on a ball at work, standing at my workstation, sitting on a donut, bought expensive chairs for work, but getting up from the chair was excruciatingly painful. Sitting was painful - -it went to my left leg and into my left buttock. Piriformis muscle was painful as was the SI joint on the left. I was told from the osteopath that my sacrum was slightly twisted and my tailbone was tucked under and moved to the right. That was why my buttock was painful --as the ligaments were pulling to the right. My sciatic nerve was being squeezed. Sacrum probably got twisted due to the fact that I do not sit straight, I am always sitting on my right buttock or not sitting where my weight is evenly distributed.

What brought this on???? 30 years ago I had delivered my son who was close to 11 pounds and my tailbone suffered some trauma. 4 years ago I had a garage door come down on my head --you know when you try to beat the garage door coming down by running out of the garage - I was too late. But I made it out. I think those two incidents did it, but I am not sure. I also want to through this out. About 5 years ago I had a muscle spasm in the tailbone area that I thought I was going to die from. I do not know what brought this on but this spasm brought me to my knees and I broke out into a cold sweat. It lasted for about 10 minutes. I wonder of this spasm moved my tailbone. I now get these horrible spasms five or six times a year. Every two or three months. Last spasm lasted 32 minutes.

I am very frustrated as I have tried humanly everything I could. I am still seeing the osteopath as she is trying external manipulation of the tailbone (hasn't helped). I will be seeing her on June 15 to see if internal manipulation will help. I went to see the chiropractor to see if he could adjust the twisted sacrum and maybe get the tailbone untucked. That did not prove to be long lived relief. I have spent much money on different treatment and am just about ready to give up and live with it.

I am terrified of going somewhere where I have to sit for more than one hour. I have made a wedge shaped cushion seat with the back cut out so that my tailbone does not have to make contact with any seat. Helps somewhat if I have to sit. I have taken time off work to see if I will get relief. I have suffered wage loss and am on disability benefits for four months. Then I go back to work. This is really getting me down. I have pain all the time, I know I sound whiney - but I know I am on a website that you all understand what it is I am going through. No one else knows. I am starting to get jealous of people who can sit and who don't have this problem.

I want to mention that I am a Christian and have had alot of prayer and concern from friends. That has helped me not to go into a depressed state. My doctor (osteopath) asked me if I felt like my nerves were going wild -- due to the fact of my tailbone being dislocated and my sacrum being twisted. This causes your nerves to get raw; because it actually is the centre of your being. I know it is my faith that keeps me from going batty with this. I know that I have been healed emotional wise in this ordeal but I am still awaiting a physical healing through prayer. I am really going to rely on my Saviour's hand to heal me now and am depending on His expertise as being the only physician who can truly heal me. He could decide to use the osteopath in making the difference in my life or He could just do it Himself. However he chooses to do it, I am patiently waiting.

I know this is alot of information. But I had to tell my story too. I am so glad I found this website. I am praying for all of you on this website as I know how awful this pain really is.


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