Severe pain when sitting on anything hard

Jacqui Martin -

Posted 2006-11-18

Hi everyone,

I can't believe we all have more or less the same symptoms. I thought it was only me !!!!!

Last March I spent two hours perched on the edge of a wooden garden bench trying to light a chimenea, the next day I could hardly walk or sit. It took me a few days to work out why I was so sore, it could only have been the time I spent on the bench. Although I felt as if I had been hit by a car. 8 months later I am still unable to sit on anything hard or I have shooting pains and am very sore.

As the pain did not go away I made an appointment to see my GP. I was given an internal examination, but at that time the pain was slightly higher up so she was unable to reach where I was sore. I also had to leave three separate stool samples which were checked for bleeding. I also had a blood sample taken. Everything came back as normal. I then waited 6 months for an appointment to see a surgeon, he gave me another internal examination as by now the pain was further down my back/bottom. He said my coccyx was moving freely but I did have a slight swelling at the bottom of my back which could be seen externally. I had noticed this swelling immediately after giving birth to my eldest son (now 26) but it had caused me no pain prior to last March. The doctor said I should take paracetamol for pain relief. I told him I didn't want pain relief I wanted to find out why I was sore in the first place. He agreed to send me for an MRI scan which I will have on November 20th, I will then visit the surgeon again at the end of December for the results.

I will come back to this site to let you know how I got on.

Wishing you all the very best

Jacqui Martin



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