I fell down the steps 15 months ago

Jenn - unowho72@aol.com

Posted 2006-04-02

Hi My name is Jenn, I am 33. I fell down the steps 15 months ago and fractured my tailbone. This wasn't actually discovered until 3 months ago. I went through X rays, bone scans and MRI's and they all came back normal. I went to many specialists and had cortisone shots. The shots lasted about 1 month and the pain came back and seem to worsen every time they wore off.

I started seeing Dr Cohen at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD. Once he did a X Ray guided injection, he was able to see the unhealed fracture up close. I had a adverse reaction to the steroid injected and things went down hill from there.

I am now 2 weeks post op from having my coccyx removed. I still have a lot of pain, but its tolerable. I also tire very easily. I continue to take the prescribed pain killers and rest. I have many friends and family to help. My sutures are still not completely healed yet, but I am not giving up hope that someday I will be better.

Posted 2006-05-07

Hi, I am now 7 weeks post op and still recuperating. About 3 weeks out I noticed a small drainage at the incision site. I went back to the surgeon and was told that I was healing from the outside in. My wound had to be reopened. First the first 2 weeks I had to pack the wound with iodine treated gauze. After that it was changed to a "wet to dry pack". This is gauze soaked in saline water and packed in 3 times a day.

This takes a very long time to heal. To this day I am still having it packed. The wound is smaller. It still drains, and bleeds when the packing is changed. I am still not sitting. Hopefully when the wound heals I can try then.

I get muscle spasms still and pain along with that.

Posted 2006-06-04

I just wanted to update how things are going. I am now 11 weeks post op and can say I am doing better! I am still not sitting, when I do I have pain still, But still have the Packing going on. It is now a dry pack 2 times daily. The wound is MUCH smaller.

Last week I got out my trusty pillows and drove Yes that's right DROVE my truck around the block. I was nervous and excited at the same time! I waited a few days and went to the store BY MYSELF! Life is finally seeming semi normal!

There is no more drainage. I actually tried to go a day with out packing, but by that evening, I was in a lot of pain (nothing like before) and had to have hubby pack it. I think I am wanting to be done.

I am walking very close to normal and the only pain I have is either when I am sitting or when the clouds roll in. I am more encouraged now than ever!

I go back to the surgeon in 2 weeks. I will let him know that I can't sit without pain, but also no more pressure pain when I stand, no more drainage, or bleeding!

I still take the pain medication as ordered but will talk to him about that as well when I see him. I was ordered meds for 'break through pain" and no longer need them.

I just want to thank all of those who listened to me gripe and complain!!


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