Tailbone injury at the age of 11

Candace - candylinklater@hotmail.com

Posted 2006-10-22

Hello, my name is Candace. I found this site through google and I'm glad I found it because some of the stories I felt, and cried. At the age of 11, I was at a park, swinging on a low swing and I fell off and landed on my butt. I stood up and had a hard time walking home. I was scared to tell my parents what had happen because they would get mad and tell me not to go to the park no more. So then, I decided to keep it to myself and was scared deathly of doctors and hospitals; and embarrassed because I broke my tailbone.

Eight years later, I'm now 19 and I learned to live with the pain. Sometimes I forget about it, but I know its still there. Plus, I've been dancing ballet, jazz, tap and hip hop since I was 11. Tonight at dance class, I couldn't take the pain no more and I walked out. Its not excruciating, but it is pain. I have no problems, sitting down, but laying on my back hurts. My dream is to become the best dancer I can be, but this is holding me back and it depresses me because I love dance with a passion. This is crushing my dream!

Of course, a lot of things ran through my mind. I don't know much about the body, or what can happen. So I thought, what if I get surgery will it be successful or not, will this injury eventually get worse and lead to not walking at all or dancing, will I die if I go for surgery because I broke something connected to the spine. A lot of these thoughts discourage me for getting help from a doctor and I just left it and thought I should just live with the pain. Well I am fed up and I want to get help so I can move on with my life and pursue my dream as a dancer.

Reading the stories on here gave me a bit of hope. Does anyone have any advice or suggested doctors in Canada? I really want to get this tailbone injury cured and I would be the most happiest person in the world. Is there any hope for me at all? Should I get this surgery done?

PLEASE, PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!!!! I no longer want to be depressed about my injury, or have this thing hold me back from living life.

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