Numbness in pelvic floor and coccyx pain

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Posted 2006-12-03

I have been having problems since mid January 2006 from something that you wouldn't think in a zillion years would cause this much stress on a body. On that fateful day I was walking down a hallway at work and in mid stride, with my left leg lifted off the ground, my left hip swung out and being too, too close to the metal hand rail, I bumped the tip of my femur. I instantly knew this wasn't a good thing, and sure nuf, within an hour the cheek muscles on that side started to spasm, soon shooting pain down the back of my leg, and by evening, everything was a problem. The area from the front of the hip, in a line, to the back of my butt was tender and sore to the touch. I took 2 NSAIDS, and the next morning the spasms were gone, but everything was sore.

Recovered? No, fraid not. By the next morning I realized something else was up, groin numbness, bladder sphincter and ehhhh, other contractable muscles down there, pelvic floor ones, and bowel sphincter had lost about 50% of their power. So this freaked me out, and when looking stuff up that Friday night, I torked myself into such a state I kinda pinched a few nerves in my neck and perhaps the excessive sitting, caused my left side from toes to head to go numb. I thought it was a stroke, as did the Docs. in the ER. (I'm thinking now it might have more to do with the spinal cord being jarred) In giving the symptoms to everyone, I ever mentioned the bump on the hip, the numbness and NO ONE THOUGHT THAT IT WAS ODD! This is what makes me angry, even to this day, no one listened. :( It took three days to finally defrost everything, the last being my inner ear, which came to life amid loud crackling and static.

Much of the groin numbness dissipated over the next month or so, but then the left leg started to tingle and go numb and when during friskiness with the hubby, I got a charley horse in the left leg/butt, within ten minutes that leg spasmed me into paralysis and left me with footdrop. Sooooo, go to the attending neurologist at SIU (ask me privately who this idiot was if you must know) and I got on Neurontin, which helped some, but the footdrop lasted 2-3 weeks and just suddenly one morning while driving into work, the nerve came back. Still no one seemed to care that my muscle control was lacking, the neurologist asked if I was 'soiling' myself, I said no, but I don't want to wait till I do you know. My last visit was disastrous because he suggested I had fibromyalgia of all things! Just before this happened I had an MRI done on the lumbar area and it finds I have a bulging L4/5 disk, with the S1 nerve root being infringed upon. They said 'by my age, most everyone has this sort of thing going on'. Hmmmmm.

So I had some PT and now I look back and see half of the exercises were just making the problem worse, although the gluteus minimus (SP?) muscle woke up, which stopped the left hip from dropping so much and the ligament at the back of my neck has been stretched to correct the forward position of my head. So I've been on Neurontin all this time, doing the exercises, having pain in the butt and back, getting shooting pains in the left hip if I don't move right, and feeling like someone shot my sacrum full of novacaine and then filled my lower bowels with concrete. Until this last weekend when I found Kalindra's site and started to read about Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction. I started the Rounds Thursday night, took the last neurontin pill Friday night, the lower back is not numb anymore, and I have noticed muscle control improving elsewhere. I've got a Urology doctor appt. in October for the nether region problems, and I hope to be able to cancel it.

So fast forward to this week. The SI's are doing fine, and no spinal problems, but just pain in the coccyx. It finally localized to this one spot instead of just being numb down there. As you can tell I've had a lot of problems, not just with the old body here (I'm 49) but with the idiot doctors out here. 7 of the 9 I've seen have basically been jerks.

Thanks for any help, my email address is

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