I have been suffering for 6 years

Jai - mrsjflemming@gmail.com

Posted 2006-09-17

Hello my name is Jai and I am 31 years old and have been suffering with severe coccyx pain for six years. My pain started when I was about six months pregnant with my son, I had a lot of trouble sitting and going from sitting to standing, well lets just say it was almost about as bad as labor. When I was giving birth to my son I actually felt my bone pop and I let the doctor know, but was told it was just my bones popping from being under so much stress. I dealt with the pain for about a year after I had my son and finally after numerous doctor visits, I finally convinced the local clinic to refer me to someone who can help me. Mind you the reason I wasn't referred before is because I had Medi-Cal and there was no doctor in my town that specialized in this area.

They finally sent me to a pain management doctor who took x-rays and said there was nothing there, but perhaps my tailbone was very sore from having a child. I let him know that this was my second child and I know that something is wrong, because I can feel it pop as I go from sitting to standing and the pain is so bad it dang near took my breath away. He told me I had a condition called Coccydynia and it would take anywhere from months to years to heal. He sent me home with Vicodin, amitriptiline and bacoflen all of which make you very sleepy. I went back to him every month for two years for a three-minute office visit. "Yes I said a three minute office visit" I literally walked in the room. I sat on a table, he checked my reflexes, had me stand up attempt to touch the floor, while he ran his hand down my coccyx area pushing to see where the pain is. Made me twist from side to side, asked me how I felt and off I went with the same RX.

I finally got to the point where I told him the medicine does not work anymore, I have become immune to it the pain and I honestly didn't feel like he was helping me. I just felt he was making it bearable. I had been using the donut like he told me, laying on my side like he told me, applying ice packs and then he told me if I didn't like it then I could leave and refused to see me anymore.

Well luckily I had became eligible for benefits through my job and started seeing a Dr Kaiser who was actually very helpful. They started the entire process over again. They did a dynamic sit/stand x-ray and found that my coccyx was deviated anterior between two joints. They referred me to physical therapy that told me because I am so thin that I unfortunately don't have a lot of cushion to protect my sacrum/coccyx area. He gave me a belt to wear (which is not appealing) that brought my pelvis bone together and off my coccyx. For me this did not work, it just exposed the area more. They then tried manual manipulation and said there was no use for that because my tailbone was so lose it wasn't going to stay in place. The next step was an ultrasound that sent heat to the nerves around the area !!!!OUCH!!!!! After seeing that it wasn't really helping I got discouraged and just stopped going. To me it wasn't worth the pain. I just continued my medications and carried my lifeline everywhere I went (my pillow).

Unfortunately I transferred jobs to one that was more in my career, and it didn't have benefits. So guess what I was right back in the same situation. I literally had to beg the Dr. I was seeing prior to see me and it was the same old thing. He gave me cortisone shots every few months, which seemed to give me a little relief for about two weeks. I decided to go back to the clinic that I first went to and they referred me over to PT where she said that my Sacrum was twisted because of my babying my tailbone so much, and sitting on my sides. I let the pain management Dr. know I was referred to the PT for my tailbone and he asked who sent me there. I told him and this went off and I am not exaggerating, so much so that his nurse came in and told him that his patients where asking what was going on. He told me that PT was not going to help, the only thing that was going to help was to stay off of it and it takes years to heal. And if I continued to go to them, then he was not going to see me anymore. At that time I had told him I have been on heavy medicine for 6 years. I had been asking him for something stronger because I have to take 2 Vicodin at time to take the edge off and now that is not working, and I figured if he gave me something stronger I could take it less often. He refused that because medi-cal wouldn't cover it. I told him I would pay, he said no. I asked him if the fact that my weight fluctuates so much is making it to where it won't heal. He said that had nothing to do with it. I asked him is he can refer me to a surgeon. I have ample back up that I have been trying to resolve the problem and it is not working. You can move my bone by touching the area. He said that it is not a common surgery, many doctors are not performing it anymore and Medi-Cal won't cover it, anyway. He said that there are many complications and death could be the result.

I am so frustrated. I have 6 children I am constantly in pain and my mood fluctuates because of it. I just want to be out of pain... Do you have any advice or any suggestions that can help me???

Thank you,


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