Dislocated Coccyx after a month in bed

Debbie Dale - graham.dale1@ntlworld.com

Posted 2006-10-22

It all started last December when I was confined to bed for a month with a horrible virus that affected my balance. For the first week I could not do a thing - my husband had to feed me, bath me etc. After a week, like all females, I got on the scales and wow I had lost 5 lbs but I remember saying then "I must have lost it on my bottom because my tailbone hurts!"

Over the next few weeks, it gradually became more painful and as I was due to fly to the USA I went to the doctors to try and get it sorted before I flew. Take 16 painkillers a day was his advice! Hate taking them at the best of times but I did try - could only manage 8 a day and after three days, felt like such a zombie I stopped.

After another couple of months went back to the GP but saw a different doctor. She listened, asked lots of questions, suggested loads of blood tests and also an X ray. Well the hospital refused to do an X ray saying "we don't do X-rays in that particular area of the body - the problem just has to get better on its own".

She was none too pleased when I went back to tell her as it was me who had found this out by calling the hospital checking to see when my appointment might be. All the blood tests came back OK. She examined me again, internally and externally but was really unable to offer any advice other than it will get better in time.

Of course it got no better just worse. I was beginning to think something serious was wrong but just could not understand why my tailbone was so sore to the touch. Then I found this website and talked to a friend who had been to see Michael Durtnall (see Doctors and specialists in the UK). I asked my lady GP if she would refer me to Michael so that my private health insurance could kick in and she was very happy to do so and even wants to know how I get on.

So at the beginning of September I went to see Michael. I was with him for just under a hour going over all the history followed by an internal manipulation, acupuncture (never had this before and for someone who cant even watch their cat being vaccinated I was very brave!) and ultrasound. He was so kind and confident that he could get to the bottom of my problem. I went away feeling much relieved but knowing that if there was no improvement in four weeks he would do an X ray.

Well that X ray was last Thursday and it was as clear as can be - I had dislocated my coccyx - the middle bone had gone backwards so no wonder it hurt when I sat down as all the pressure was being put on that one little bone. The cause - probably my period of inactivity at Christmas plus possibly years of sitting in an office at a pc.

Although I have suffered for 9 months luckily for me I have caught it in time and it should all mend. So six days on I can report that despite having a very bruised bottom from another internal manipulation, acupuncture and more muscle relaxation work, it is not so painful to sit down any more and I feel we are on the road to recovery. The muscles surrounding the area are still very tight and often go into spasm hence the lower back pain but I am confident that I will be 100% recovered in the near future. I am due to go back in three weeks time so will report back.

Thanks to this website and Michael I would appear to be one of the lucky ones.

Debbie Dale

Cambridgeshire, UK

Update, 2007-06-24

I have continued to make steady progress over the last 8 months although I did reach a plateau at one stage where nothing seemed to be improving. I have visited Michael regularly (have just been for my eighth visit) and am so pleased to report that following a series of internal manipulations over that period my coccyx area is now nearly 100% better - I think it will always be a vulnerable part of my body and I know when I can expect a bit of discomfort but how my life has improved. A year ago we were on our boat and I wrote in the log book "my back is so painful that I really can't go on much longer like this". How things have changed thanks to Michael, his charming manner and professionalism. I still have some muscle pain but this is being eased with acupuncture and exercises. I won my first golf competition last week so am able to play 18 holes of golf with no problem which I am sure I could not have done a year ago.

I am not seeing Michael now for another three months but am confident I can survive without him for that time! I had to travel from Cambridgeshire to London for each visit but it was well worth it. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Sayer Clinic if you have any problems with your coccyx or in fact any chiropractic problem as you will be glad you did.!

Debbie Dale

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