Treating the cause as well as the symptoms


Posted 2006-03-19

Hello - just to say that I've been treated by Michael Durtnall (see Doctors and specialists in the UK) for about five months now, during which time my coccyx pain has almost vanished. Though I stupidly waited a year before seeking his help, I'm so glad that, thanks to this site, I went straight to Michael and didn't waste time with a GP, who would have simply prescribed drugs and possibly ultimately surgery. It is really worth going to a specialist who has amassed years of experience. Though I initially assumed that all private healthcare treatment would be out of my league financially, his rates are very reasonable. It's not free like the NHS but then again he can fix a problem in months that would otherwise just keep getting worse and become debilitating, as stories on this site testify.

My own problem was caused by about a decade of slumping at a computer and generally always sitting badly (sitting back on my coccyx instead of upright) - I just wore out the joint and pushed my coccyx into the wrong position. Since being shown how to sit/stand correctly and do various strengthening exercises, not only am I able to support myself in a correct position (which I found tiring before - hence the slumping), but I even feel thinner now I do not walk around with my tummy sticking out all the time!

Michael uses a combination of direct manipulation, acupuncture (but only if you don't mind this), ultrasound and general exercises. He's good at treating the cause as well as the symptoms, which in my case was simply bad posture and resultant muscular weakness. I feel more supple now than I can ever remember. I had resigned myself to being stiff and geriatric as early as my twenties, with all sorts of neck/back pains. Now I never get them and I can touch my toes and everything!

I'm only 35, not overweight and reasonably active. All my problems could so easily have been avoided, but the nice thing is that by seeking help from a specialist, they have been corrected in time. I really do advise anyone suffering even from mild discomfort to get specialist help, because a lot of coccyx problems seem to be curable, but the longer you leave it the harder it will be to fix.


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