Four years on still suffering

Vijay -

Posted 2006-10-29

Dear all

I am a Risk Manager in an Investment Bank who has been suffering from moderate to severe coccyx pain for four years now. My pain started in early 2002 (I was living in London then) as numbing stiffness in the lower back. I had difficulty sitting for even short lengths of time. My pain was so generalized that I did not know that the tailbone was the culprit. Several visits to physiotherapists and osteopaths only increased my frustration as they all could not point out that my coccyx was the issue.

Desperate to find a cure, I went to the Harley street physicians and after an MRI was told that I have a disc prolapse and I need injections at L5-S1 discs and facet joints. (even though I showed no symptoms of sciatica at all), that circus went on for months, and I met rheumatologists, ayurvedic physicians and literally anyone who cured back pains.

I moved to Singapore in late 2005 and a few visits to the local acupuncturist and he told me that my coccyx was the problem. I was suffering from a hypomobile sacro-coccygeal joint and he was not trained to deal with such a problem. My pain stayed chronic and debilitating throughout, I then stumbled upon this website and immediately went to London to see Dr Michael Durtnall in London (see doctors and specialists in the UK).

Since my stay in London was only for three weeks, I got a few sessions with him. Acupuncture, internal manipulation and laser in early 2006 helped a bit but not quite. Thank God I have finally found a Doctor who has the enthusiasm and the track record of treating this sinister problem.

He is an extremely approachable and a helpful person, he goes out of the way to treat his patients. Some coccyx sufferers who have visited him have been cured in days. I met him again for a few sessions last month and now finally my hypomobile sacrococcygeal joint has shown signs of relenting. I am still not anywhere close to pain free during sitting, but Dr Durtnall has managed to get rid of the muscle spasms, SI joint pains, hip joint pains and all that accompany a dysfunctional coccyx joint. I have discovered my self again and I move with confidence now hoping that I will be OK very soon. I have also tailored my exercises to ensure that I don't hurt the sacrococcygeal joint any more. I hope the joint heals and I get my life back.

(I've met with several physicians and chiropractors who've told me that they don't go there when it comes to treating people with coccyx problems. I have been told 'bad luck, this is bad news no cure' by many highly respected physicians and surgeons. They don't realize the mental anguish they cause to such people desperate for a way forward in life.)

Anyone who has read this article this long sure has the coccyx pain like I do, please don't lose heart when you're disparaged by doctors and chiros. There sure are ways out of this problem, I am not out of the woods yet but I am hopeful and I'm sure you will be.

If you are in London/UK/Europe, Dr Durtnall and his colleagues come highly recommended. If you have no access to doctors in your area, please make sure you get enough massage around your buttock muscles and enough kneading of the ligaments that hold the coccyx in place. Try doing it to yourself, please take care and good luck with this heartbreaking challenge, sure there are ways out of it.


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