Spur on tailbone

JC - jwhysel@comcast.net

Posted 2006-10-08


I'm a 37 year old female and I've been suffering with pain in the tailbone region for almost a year. I've had the x-rays and the MRIs, the epidural and the good ol' drop trow shots in the tailbone. After months of dr.'s telling me that bulging discs are the cause of my pain, a negative discogram eliminated this diagnosis.

So, my dr. had a look at my tailbone x-ray and it appears that there's a miniscule spur on my tailbone that my dr. said MAY be the cause of my pain. The first tailbone injection of anesthetic reduced my pain by about 80%, the second to confirm the source wasn't as clear cut in results: it cleared up the tailbone pain but my left glute ached like hell. The dr. wants to do this again (OW!) before he recommends removing the part of the tail bone with the spur.

Has anyone had tailbone issues without having had a single fall or accident be the cause of it? In my case, I believe if it is my tailbone that's the cause, it is damaged due to years of falling on it while snowboarding and mountain boarding. I'm sure sitting at a computer at work most of the day doesn't help.

Next week I'm going to get a colonoscopy to rule out any weird things going on down there.

If anyone has any experience or insights to share because they've gone through a similar situation, please post.

Thank you,


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