I feel let down from my doctor

Amanda - amanda.fairlamb@virgin.net

Posted 2006-09-17

Hello, I have been like this since Christmas Day 2005. I fell down the stairs bringing my children's presents down. My first diagnosis was a fractured coccyx, so I was told to bed rest and painkillers. 9 and a half months on, I'm no farther forward. I still cannot sit down, lay on my back and front.

I feel let down from my doctor and the first hospital I went to. I suffer with constant pain from my lower back down to my toes. Also I suffer from pins and needles and numbness from the small of my back. With that I suffer a heavy feeling from the small of my back down and I am incontinent. My legs shake on rising and putting down, sometimes they shake when I walk. I'm in constant pain to which is getting me very depressed. I now have to go for another manipulation and injection into my coccyx. And I have to see a chiropractor to help resolve my lack of movement in my lower spine L1 to L5 it is not moving correctly.

I'm at my wits end

Please help.

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