Help with the pain in my butt!

April -

Posted 2006-09-03

Hello, My name is April and I am 38 years old. I've been suffering for about 3-5 years with the pain in my coccyx. At first it only hurt when I sat on hard surfaces. I've gone to the doctors several times and was given anti-inflammatories which never work. As time goes on in my suffering, the pain is so severe that if I sit anywhere from 15 minutes up (on any surface--pillows, donuts,etc.) the pain is so severe that my husband or my children have to help me up and it takes about 2 minutes just to get up and the pain takes my breath away.

I'm sick and tired of telling my doctors about the pain and them sending me through lower gi-test, x-rays.ct scans etc and coming up with nothing. You would think the least they could do is at least give me something to cope with the pain. How can I work, how can I enjoy going places with my family or friends, because after about 20 minutes I either stand or kneel on my knees just to deal with the pain. And they are looking at me like whats wrong with you?

I'm sooo tired of dealing with this unbearable pain, can you please guide me in the direction of help without using the word manipulated methods, or manual treatments, just thinking about the aspect of going through that kind of help almost makes me want to just deal with the pain in my coccyx. I've also tried looking for orthopedics, rheumatologists, internal medicine doctors, and female doctors thinking (that maybe it's related to menopause) all resulting in them looking at me like it's all in my mind. PLEASE GIVE SOME USEFUL INFO IF YOU HAVE ANY UPDATES PERTAINING TO DOCTORS IN THE HOUSTON TEXAS AREA!

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