I fell from a ladder and broke my coccyx

Deb Smith

Posted 2006-11-05

I have been suffering from coccyx pain for nearly 3 years (since January 2004) when I fell from a ladder while painting and broke my coccyx.

Since then I have seen various consultants, pain management consultants, physiotherapists, etc and have tried various treatments (NSAIDs, injections, manipulation, acupuncture, etc). I am still in pain every day struggle through the day because I have a sit/stand desk at work but usually retire to my bed when I get home. I really have no life outside work - can't go to the pictures, to a restaurant, etc.

I have just been to see my consultant who has told me there is nothing more they can do for me - they don't do coccygectomy as it doesn't work!!!! In effect they have written me off.

Well I am not going to give up. I would like to find another consultant (would have to be on the NHS as I don't have private medical insurance). I am based in the West Midlands but would be willing to travel.

I would love to hear from people in the UK who have managed to find a consultant and treatment which has been successful.

Deb Smith

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