Thirteen year old Portuguese girl suffering from coccydynia

Beatriz -

Posted 2006-12-10

I am a thirteen year old Portuguese girl suffering from undiagnosed coccyx pain. My mom read almost all personal experiences on the which she has been visiting nearly every day for the past three months. Finally, we decided to send an e-mail telling my personal story, which we realised that follows a similar pattern as many others - misdiagnosis and continued pain.

I have not had a fall. I started feeling uncomfortable down on my back when we were traveling from Lisbon (where we live) to Spain in August this year. When we came back to Lisbon my pain got worse and I could feel that something was wrong with my coccyx. I went to a friend of ours who is a physio. She decided to do a manual adjustment with a few pain-killer injections. It didn't work.

Pain was becoming almost unbearable as I had to sit all day long attending classes (from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm) in a private school here. I stopped doing gymnastics at school and surfing on the weekends. I stopped with my dance classes as well. Then I went to a orthopaedic surgeon in a hospital nearby where I did an X-RAY (lying down) but everything looked fine. And my pain went on.

Another doctor prescribed a 12 session laser treatment. I didn't work either. Then, we went to a sports orthopedic surgeon (he is the leading doctor at Benfica Football Club) who carried out another manual adjustment. I felt a little relieved for one day. Meanwhile, I take pain-killers on a daily basis and I'm still on 800 mg Ibuprofen and 600 mg Gabapentina (which is given for epilepsy on a higher dosage). Well, I too got to the stage where the so called orthopedic surgeon told mum that I unfortunately had a psychological problem!!!! We nearly got mad. !!!!

But nevertheless mum took me to a pediatrics neurosurgeon who told me to do a RM (magnetic resonance tomography) which I did yesterday. Mum spoke with the doctor who carried out this exam and she told her she didn't see anything special apart from a fragility in my bones (discs ?) down in my spine. A detailed report on my RM is due next Monday.

Well, this is my story. I'm still attending classes with my "donut" shape cushion but I haven't given up yet.

Mum read the papers Dr. Jean-Yves Maigne wrote on treatment strategies for coccydynia and is thinking about flying to Paris with me. She also read Dr Michael Durtnall treatments in the UK. I wrote this e-mail with her help as she is an English teacher for young learners.

My best regards,


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