Childbirth coccyx injury


Posted 2006-01-15

I have now had enduring coccyx pain for three months now since childbirth and I am glad to have stumbled across this site. It is good to know that I am not alone- everyone seemed to be surprised that this had happened to me but now I find that it is not so rare after all.

My son was posterior and had to be turned manually, and he was also a forceps delivery. I am not exactly sure if it was the turning or the delivery itself when the tailbone injury happened, but when the epidural wore off I started to experience excruciating pain. My Obstetrician thought that perhaps it had been fractured. For three days I was unable to move from a prone position without agonising pain- even laying rolling sideways to try to breastfeed my baby was extremely painful. I was on morphine initially which was reduced to Panadeine Forte. By four days after the birth I was able to bear a bit of sitting up to feed my son, albeit with a great deal of difficulty and sitting on a mountain of cushions, and I could hobble around a bit. I had to stay in hospital an extra day and I got extra attention from the staff- I think they might have been worried I'd sue! It is a shame though that what should have been a wonderful time bonding with bub is now remembered as such a painful time for me.

Over subsequent weeks, the pain did lessen and I am no longer on painkillers, but it is definitely still there, just not to the same degree that it was initially. I certainly cannot sit on any hard surfaces like the floor, I have difficulty putting weight on it to drive (I have to sit on a pillow), and I still have to breastfeed my son while sitting on a donut cushion. I can't sit for any length of time (a recent 2-hour visit to the hairdresser was agony), at the computer and travelling in the car is very uncomfortable- I basically have to shift my weight forward and/or onto either one of my buttocks.

It really is starting to become a real issue for me- I thought that if I kept off my tailbone and was really careful that it would start to get better, but it has now been three months and it doesn't seem to be improving. I don't really want to take any more pain relief for it as I am afraid it will just mask the problem and make things worse. I am also worried about any future birth- I think I will opt for a C-section next time as I don't think I want to even risk going through it all again. I used to enjoy things like pilates and yoga- now I wonder if I will ever be able to sit comfortably ever again...

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