Found something that works well for my coccyx problem

Bernard -

Posted 2006-06-11


For 4 years now I have suffered coccyx pain (and associated secondary pain - lower back pain, scoliosis, sciatica). I gave up work after the first 6 months of the pain, as I could find no way to sit without inducing the pain (and lots of associated secondary pain). Over the years I have tried almost every accoutrement I could find (many recommended on this site) - doughnuts, relaxo-baks, wedges, etc. I've had friends make special shaped cushions and seats for me, but nothing really worked. I gave up on doctors a long time ago, as they told me that going off my MRI scan and x-ray the pain could not be as bad as I was describing! Anyway, I finally went to see a chiropracter (recommended on this site), and for the first time someone seemed to take my pain seriously and believed he could fix the problem. And for two days after seeing him the pain was gone. But it returned, as bad as ever. Finally, I went to visit more back shops, looking at even the most expensive chairs they had, because I need to go back to work. A shop assistant in a back shop said she thought the problem was muscular and not skeletal, and that struck me as an interesting idea. The chiropracter had done accupuncture in my buttock muscles, so I thought maybe that had had some effect on the muscles (I'm not a believer in accupuncture or chiropractic, but something he had done had worked). I searched the internet for information about muscular problems and back pain, and found the following site, where this guy claims his simple exercises will help most forms of back pain:

Given that I'm a natural skeptic, I thought it couldn't work, even more so since my problem seemed to originate in my coccyx, whereas his exercise looks like it would work for pain higher up. But 12 days ago I started doing the exercises, and within a day or two I was back to having no pain, just like after my visit to the chiropracter. The difference is that by continuing to do these exercises each day I have remained pain-free (well, the pain can start to return, and I just do the exercises again, and then go back to sitting down).

I really hope this can help someone else here. I have no idea if there is sound reasoning behind his idea, but it works for me, and nothing else has in 4 years. I even felt quite emotional with the pain now gone - almost like part of me was gone. Very weird.

I am now looking to return to work, as the pain is under control. Please if it works for you, put some feedback back on this list. Don't be put off by what might seem like other strange ideas on his site - I have no idea about the value of the other things he is recommending.


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