Hit a jump when sledding

Jennifer Grindle - grindle14@charter.net

Posted 2006-06-03

Hi my name is Jennifer. I had my Tail Bone removed on April 26, 2006. This last December it was a snowy day here in Oregon. Myself and my husband took our two children sledding. Things were great until I came flying down on a snow tube and hit a jump at the bottom. I didn't even see it coming since I was going backwards. I ended up flying up about eight feet off the ground and came down on my right side on the ice. I laid there in such pain that I could not move or breathe. After about fifteen minute of my husband asking me if I was ok I got up and walked back to our truck. We sat and talked about going to the Hospital, but we have no Health Insurance so decided to just go home and see how things went.

I wasn't as ok as I tried to seem. But for the next three month I just changed how I would do things so that people wouldn't see how hurt I really was. All it took was me to jump off the back of my friends new boat and I felt this excruciating pain from my lower back to my toes. I got really hot and sweaty and a real bad stomach aek. When I got home that night my husband asked me what is wrong? I told him nothing, just tired. The next morning I was laying in bed looking like there was something wrong. My husband, he asked again what is wrong? Once again I said, "nothing just tired" After he left I drove myself to the Hospital not wanting to scare my family.

Now I am sitting in the Emergency room waiting to find out what could be wrong. After a four hour wait I was finally seen. They took some X-ray and told me that I had a fractured Pelvis and that I needed to go see an Orthopedic Surgeon. That next Monday I called and made an appointment to be seen. After having an MRI and several more X-Ray I went in to talk with my doctor. I finally bucked up and told him that it felt as if there was something sticking out between my legs and it hurts to walk. Also that there is a bone sticking out right above my butt crack and if you touch it sends me through the roof. As soon as I was honest of all my symptoms he knew. He gave me a Rectal exam to feel my Tail Bone and he said to me as I screamed, Yep it's broke!

He said this is the first step to getting better, you need to have or should try Cortisone shots. So in one treatment I received five shots in my lower back. Ouch!!! They didn't help at all. So the next doctors visit I told him that I don't ever want those shots again. We ended up talking about the Coccyx Excision and making an appointment to have it done.

Day of surgery. I went in at 9:15 A.M. and was in surgery by 10:45. Out of surgery by 12:15. When I woke up I could tell an distinct relief. I went home that night by 10:00 P.M.

It was painful the first week. I did a lot of sleeping and television watching. The second week a little better as long as I take pain medicine. Third week got my stitches out and no infection looking good doctor said. Now since I got my stitches out from top stitch hole it has been draining a fluid. But the doctor says that is normal, not to worry. Fourth week, feel good sitting a little more everyday and driving again. Top stitch hole is still draining. Week number five can sit for a long while gets painful if too long. Top stitch hole is still draining and pain is less each day. Start Physical therapy this week to strengthen my lower end.

It is all worth it to have the surgery if you are in pain everyday. But you will need help for the first two weeks going to the rest room and to shower.

Good luck to all with your Coccyx Pain.

Sincerely Yours

Jennifer Grindle

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