Coccydynia relief and doctor referral for NE Ohio

Katherine -

Posted 2006-12-03

I have been reading the stories on this site for 6 months, reveling in the commonalities to my experience and looking for answers. I've waited until now to write as I finally had my "Hallelujah!" moment yesterday.

Early in the summer, I started to feel pain in my tailbone area when driving. It wasn't bad at first, but by August I felt excruciating pain when I sat anywhere for longer than 10 minutes at a time. As many others have stated, I also had terrible pain when standing up. I sit at a desk at work, and often found myself in tears by the middle of the work day.

My first mistake was going through Kaiser Permanente, which I have insurance through at my job in Cleveland, Ohio. Since I didn't know what was causing the pain, I didn't want to pay through the nose for tests, etc. It took more than 2 months to see my Kaiser General Practitioner, get an Orthopedic referral and have an MRI (which wasn't read properly). These appointments provided no answers other than a general diagnosis of Coccydynia. I was given anti-inflammatories and prescribed physical therapy, which helped somewhat but only provided temporary relief. They had no other answers.

My boss recommended Horizon Orthopedics, which has offices in Brookpark and Avon, Ohio. Yesterday I saw Dr. Vernon Patterson there (see Doctors and specialists in the USA), who has experience with Coccydynia. Today, I am pain free!

He took sitting and standing x-rays, as the ones I had taken lying down showed nothing abnormal. Apparently, this is the only way of diagnosing a subluxed tailbone, which I had. My little coccyx has been stuck to one side and not fully extended when standing all of this time, hence the crazy pain. He literally popped it back into place (ouch!) and then gave me a cortisone injection right into the tailbone joint (don't get me started on the ouch!). Within 15 minutes of the injection, I was in tears because I could sit and stand without any pain at all, other than a little tenderness where the shot was.

I am going to go back in 3 weeks for a check up - I may require one more manual manipulation and injection just to be sure that the coccyx is in the right spot - but quite possibly, he "fixed" me yesterday.

Finding the possible cause of this happening is more complex, since I didn't have a specific injury nor experienced traumatic childbirth, which are the main reasons people experience Coccydynia. He has suggested some psychiatric solutions as this can often be a result of anxiety or depression, both of which I have suffered from in the past. It sounds corny, but his very empathetic discussion of this made perfect sense.

For the first time in months, I can say that I am truly happy and feel like myself again. My heart goes out to all of you who still experience pain - I hope you get your Hallelujah moment soon!


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