21 year old female who needs help with horrible pain!

Amanda - Minniemandie21@aol.com

Posted 2006-06-25


My name is Amanda and I need a lot of help! I'm 21 years old and for the past year, I've been experiencing extreme tailbone pain and have just recently experienced some very extreme lower back pain. Tonight, when I took a bath, I couldn't get out of the tub due to my tailbone pain. I couldn't stand it to even sit on it. I went to go lie down for a while and I'm now experiencing excruciating lower back pain. It's like a hot searing burning at first and then it starts to get numb and tingles a little. During all of this, my tailbone never ceases to stop hurting. It feels as if it's about to explode from the horrible pain! My tailbone pain is a throbbing and burning pain. I can't sit at all sometimes and it's now becoming harder to stand and walk also.

About ten years ago I fell while skating and I'm thinking that maybe that's the problem why I'm hurting. I've also engaged in anal intercourse and I think that maybe that's the problem. I don't know. I'm just really frustrated and tired of hurting all of the time. Sometimes my tailbone feels as if it's being poked extremely hard with a burning rod of extreme pain! At times I can't even have a bowel movement because of the pain. It hurts that bad. I've found myself not eating anything, that way I can avoid the process of having a bowel movement. I'm becoming depressed with each passing day because I can't enjoy and even engage in my normal activities. I can't go to the movies, exercise, drive a car, sit, stand, walk without hurting.

Nothing that I take is working for the pain. I'm taking tylenol and aleve, but it's not working at all. My feet are now starting to hurt because of all the standing that I have to do. They even swell!!!!! After my tailbone hurts for a long time, it sometimes becomes numb just for a little while. Then the pain comes back with full force and it's even worse than it was before. I need to see a doctor, but I'm waiting to get approved for medical insurance right now. This pain is driving me insane!!!

After reading some of these stories on this site, I have become extremely depressed and unhopeful. It seems that there is no cure for this pain!!! Please, if anyone is out there that is experiencing this same pain and problem please, email me! If anyone has any helpful advice, please email me also!!! I desperately need to talk to someone who knows and who understands just exactly what this pain is and how it feels. Thank you for your time and help.


Posted 2006-07-23

Good news!!!!! I finally got approved for my insurance and I received the card in the mail a week ago.

The bad news?..... The doctor who was supposed to check me for these back and tailbone problems said that he can't deal with any problems with the back or tailbone unless you have scoliosis. So I made another appointment and it isn't until July 31, 2006.

I was rushed to the emergency room about a week ago because this huge, soft, swollen, and extremely sore place suddenly appeared on my outer upper left thigh. The doctors and nurses were stunned. They did some x-rays and blood work, and everything came back fine. They said they had no idea what this thing on my leg was. The worse problem?.... The swollen area is quickly growing and spreading!!!! It's now moved down to my knee and is now currently moving around to my left buttock. It hurts extremely bad!! One doctor said it could be a tumor, to get it checked out and gave me another doctor's name to go see. I called to make an appointment thinking it would be really soon, but I couldn't get in until October 10!!!!!! I could be dead by then!!!!!!!

I just decided to wait until the 31 and maybe that doctor will have some answers about this growth on my leg and my pain in the butt and back. Could this swelling be a result of the pain from my tailbone and back? If anyone has any advice, information, or answers, please contact me!!!!! If anyone has had the same swelling symptom as I'm experiencing, please email me!!!!! Thank you,


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