Got secondary symptoms too

Christopher -

Posted 2006-10-13

For a month or so I've had tailbone pain. It's been most noticeable after sitting for prolonged periods of time and then when I stand and walk. The pain is a sharp ache but it is not unbearable so I never checked with a doctor. But it is disruptive and unpleasant so I started searching for treatments and came upon your site.

All I can say is thank you! I was embarrassed by the notion of going to a doctor about this until I read the information on your site. It's nice to put a name/term to my pain. Even more fascinating is the secondary symptoms you mention! I have those symptoms but would never have thought they'd be related to my aching tailbone!

Unfortunately there is no listed specialist in my area (Wisconsin USA). But I will search and if I find one I will let you know when I write the follow-up to my story!


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