Painful when standing up from a sitting position

Sarah -

Posted 2006-08-13

Hi All,

I am 27 and have suffered with coccyx pain for the last year or so, and it seems to be getting progressively worse. I don't recall having any fall or injury which could have triggered this, and have visited 4 doctors and a physio all of which have offered no real help at all other than to offer me stronger painkillers each time I go, or advise me to simply apply a cold pack to the area to reduce the swelling.

I work in an office all day, sitting at a computer, so I can't even take the strong pain killers when I need them because they make me drowsy and I tend to fall asleep (which I'm thinking wouldn't go down well), and to be honest the thought of sitting with a pack of frozen peas down my pants all day doesn't really appeal either….. Although neither does the thought of walking round like I have piles all day……its not the most glamorous problem to have!!!

My company have been helpful, and have provided me with 2 new chairs, neither of which have helped. They also referred me to a private doctor themselves. I have now been referred to a specialist, Mike Gibson based at the Freeman Hospital, Newcastle, UK, and am also awaiting an appointment for an x-ray. I know its still early days compared to some of the ordeals people have gone through but I do feel that I'm starting to make progress and am eventually being taken seriously, although I have been told that an appointment on the NHS with this specialist could take up to 6 months so its certainly no quick fix.

The pain does seem to be getting progressively worse especially when standing up, and work is becoming unbearable. I've already had 4 weeks off sick and really don't want to take anymore.

Has anybody else suffering, ever been treated by Mike Gibson or heard any good feedback about him? If so I'd be grateful if you could let me know……just so my waits not in vain. Or if there are any sufferers out there located in the North East of England who have found someone who has really helped them, any names would be welcome :))

My main problem is sitting on a hard chair like at work, a restaurant, or the cinema, and is particularly painful when standing up from a sitting position. A 9 hour flight from the Dominica Republic in June wasn't too much fun either!!!

I have no problem walking or bending and it actually feels better moving around.

Like many of you I was so relieved to have come across this site, and although not wanting to sound like a sadist it is comforting to know I'm not suffering alone or imagining it. Its also helpful, yet sometimes slightly worrying and upsetting to hear about your experiences.

Thanks for listening, and good luck to you all. Wishing you all a speedy recovery:)


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