Successful treatment by a chiropractor

Ed Harwin -

Posted 2006-12-28

About five years ago I went horseback riding with friends and I swear that saddle was like cement. I have had discomfort ever since that time. It is really not severe pain. I have seen numerous Internal Medicine physicians, Orthopedic Surgeons and Chiropractors over the last five years. None of them knew anything about the Coccyx.

I have had several x-rays taken and none of them showed any detail, probably because of gas present in the bowel. In October of this year I had an MRI done. The MRI really showed the detail especially in one of the slices, see attachment.

As you can see there is an outward dislocation of the tailbone a couple of inches above the coccyx and the coccyx is dislocated inward.

In the last two months I ran across two people, one man and one woman, that had a problem and it was corrected by a Chiropractor by invasive maneuvers, this really surprised me as I have viewed all chiropractors I had previously seen as quacks. In my case one area had to pushed in while the coccyx had to be pulled out.

I have seen all the local doctors and some miles away. Recently a Chiropractor moved to Incline Village, Nevada, USA from Boston, MA. His name is Dr. Norman C. Sussman, 775-831-8080 (see list of doctors and specialists in the USA). Yes, he manipulated the coccyx internally (no fun) but it worked!

If you have had x-rays of the coccyx, forget it. Gas in the bowel makes the x-ray very hard to read assuming you can see anything at all. If you cannot afford an MRI then I suggest you take an enema right before you have an x-ray to help get rid of the gas in the bowel. If you look at the slice of the MRI of my coccyx you can see a very detailed picture of what is going on.

I certainly hope that this information is helpful to some of you. I assume it may not work for everyone, but if it was caused by an injury, it is certainly worth a try.

Yours truly, Ed Harwin

mri image including coccyx

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