Surgeons in the central parts of Florida?

Leclair -

Posted 2006-06-11

I broke my coccyx twice as a child. Once while skating & again when I fell down a flight of stairs. I never went to the doctors. Fortunately for me it healed outwardly so it gave me no problem when I birthed my four children.

However, I recently strained my lower back & was seeing a Chiropractor at the time, twice a week as I have two bulging disks. Lumber 4 & 5. The pain from the strain descended to the coccyx. I have no problem sitting or lying but standing or walking is unbearable.

The treatment was heat & the trigger gun that day to the coccyx area. Then I was unable to walk & I trembled with pain. Immediately I was put on ice & a vibrating machine to get the circulation back & the swelling down.

I have since had an MRI & been seen by a Neurosurgeon & was diagnosed with coccydynia. I'm now in therapy but I still have pain in my coccyx.

I would like to have the name or names of Surgeons in the Central parts of Florida that are experienced in removing coccyx that can't be healed otherwise.

Thank you for your informational site. I enjoyed reading it all & it gives me hope.

Sincerely, Leclair

P.S. If someone wishes to write me, they need to put 'coccyx' in the subject space as I do not open unknown addresses.

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