Surgeonless in Seattle

Dianna -

Posted 2006-10-15

After various traumas (horse & ski accidents) and occasional bouts of pain for 15 years, I developed acute idiopathic coccydinia 2 years ago and believe I need surgery. I am a 43 year-old woman who is otherwise very healthy but I have been unable to work and largely disabled by pain and the inability to sit and drive. I have seen many specialists, had x-rays, MRIs, CT, etc and faithfully tried all "conservative" treatments (PT, manual adjustments & massage, EGS, TENS, laser, ultrasound, Chiro, injections, pain meds, pillows, not sitting, acupuncture, etc) to no avail.

My coccyx is both bent inwards at a 90 degree angle and extremely painful at the sacral joint when I sit or move to stand. I believe it "dislocates" whenever I sit, but have not found a radiologist who can confirm this with a sit/stand x-ray. I live in Seattle and have only found 2 surgeons who have ever even performed a coccygectomy (both fewer than 10 times). I have read nearly everything on this site so understand the risks of surgery and the importance of finding an experienced surgeon. My questions for anyone who can help are:

1. Can anyone recommend a surgeon near Seattle (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, N. California)?

2. If I can't find one close by, should I travel for surgery? Any advice if you have done so?

3. Who are the top surgeons in the US? I am aware of Dr. Dickerson, Dr. Campbell, Dr. Benson, Dr. Wood. Is there anyone else I should consider (Anyone who has done more of these surgeries than these four?)

4. Assuming I am deemed a good candidate by an experienced surgeon, is there any other advice you can recommend?

5. Is there any other resource I should consult besides my medical professionals and this website?

Any responses can be sent directly to me - I will treat them confidentially and be very grateful.



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