Muscle spasm after fall


Posted 2006-11-26


I am wondering has anyone had an experience like mine.

I fell two years ago, slipped on water getting out of the bath. For the first year, I was in alot of pain and on 8 DF tablets a day. I could not sit down or lie on my side. The doctors ruled out my coccyx and suspected muscle spasm. There was lumps the size of small golf balls in my buttocks. I tried alot of physio and went swimming.

After a year and half I was off all tablets and could sit for four hours a day. At that stage I went back to full time work for a week, working 9 - 5 but the pain returned and I had to stop.

Now I can only sit for about two hours before it gets painful. I think it is muscle spasms that are tight like a ball and have not healed. It used to feel like a ball swollen in my buttocks near the seating bones but now it feels like a flat swelling.

Has anyone experienced this and does anyone know of a good doctor/specialist in Ireland in the Dublin area?



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