I have had difficulty accepting this disability

Linsay - lins.home@blueyonder.co.uk

Posted 2006-11-19

In October 2004, whilst working as a support worker in a residential unit for looked after children I was pushed to the ground by a resident at the home. I landed on my bottom. I didn't think very much about any damage done at the time but my colleague claimed I may have blacked out momentarily.

After a few days the pain in my lower back and bottom was immense. I went to a local minor injuries clinic and explained everything. They told me that I had probably fractured my coccyx but there was nothing they could do, they refused to even x-ray me. I was told that within 6 weeks I should feel an improvement.

By early 2005 there was no improvement at all so I visited my GP who gave much the same answer and prescribed some anti-inflammatory medication. A few weeks later I paid for a private x-ray, there was no fracture!

When my GP got the results of the x-ray he referred me to an orthopaedic specialist at my local hospital. He also x-rayed me but found nothing. However, an internal examination found that there were 'problems' with my coccyx and the joint between that and the sacrum. I later found that 'problems' meant that it was either displaced or completely moveable - I don't think anyone is too sure! Anyway, the specialist suggested a manipulation under anesthetic and a cortizone injection but the waiting list was about 9-11 months long!

Luckily for me my parents paid for these things to be done privately and I thought this would be the end of my troubles. How wrong could I be? The procedures failed to have much effect. Between then and may 2006 I have had a further 2 manipulations and cortizone injections but still with no results. My specialist says there is nothing more that he can do as he does not wish to remove the coccyx (I agree with him).

I have tried many other things - osteopathy, acupuncture, tens machines, coccyx cushions but nothing has had any long term effects. I have had to change my job and my claim for DLA was recently rejected.

The hardest thing for me is that I have had difficulty accepting this disability and I think part of this is because I haven't 'seen' anything that shows me that something is wrong, I mean - when you break your arm you can see the problem, you get a pot on and know it's mending - this isn't the case with the coccyx. I also suffer from terribly low moods and isolate myself a lot of the time, my motivation is at an all time low. I have gone from an ambitious, outgoing, life-loving person to a house-bound, depressed person who is just 'plodding on' with life. I am only 31 - I was only 29 when this happened and on some days I feel like an old woman. I cried whilst reading some of your stories on this wonderful site and I am so glad that some of you have found an answer.

I am trying to claim compensation from my former employers (I won't go into why I feel that they were responsible) but they are making things very difficult which is a sad reflection on the caring industry.

If anyone else has had a successful compensation claim or a DLA claim then I would love to hear from you.

Good luck to everyone in their search for a pain free life!

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