Can't sit or travel

Kim -

Posted 2006-05-21

Been suffering on and off with coccyx pain many years. In the last 8 months it has got worse. Can no longer sit to watch T.V, long car journeys, air flights etc. In fact it is pretty much too painful to do anything any more! Now I am being woken up 2 or 3 times a night when I turn over in bed. When I bend over to pick something up it hurts, and embarrassingly when I need to empty my bowels.

Went in for another epidural yesterday. 1st one worked, 2nd one not, third time lucky I hope. Why do I feel that I am being a pain when I am having so much pain? Next step freezing.

Xray showed nothing nor MRI scan now my lumbar region is hurting as well.

My children are 19 and 16 I am 47, thought these years were going to be good my husband and I love to travel but the pain in the bum is going to stop me (not my husband).

Can anyone advise me as my pain management Dr will run out of ideas and I don't really want the coccyx removed.

Thanx Kim U.K

Update, 2006-12-03

I wrote to your site a few months ago in sheer agony. To update everyone I've been suffering for the past two years or so. Had three epidurals and one root nerve freeze all of that did not work for me. So there I was suffering like so many of us do. I was thinking of the next step which I was not looking forward to surgery!!!!

I then came back onto your site and got in touch with Michael Durtnall in Kensington (see Doctors and specialists in the UK), what a miracle worker he is.... I took in my own X Rays that I had done in a private hospital I was told that they did not show the coccyx at all so therefore they believed that there was nothing wrong with it! When Michael looked at the X Ray he told a different story and saw the problem straight away explaining everything to me, even me with an untrained eye could see what was wrong... One joint was completely out of place with the top of the joint laying backwards and the bottom part inwards, it was also calcified and was very close to fusing.

He than did his own set of X Rays and included my pelvis as he said that I did not look straight, he found that I have one leg that is shorter than the other (only by a fraction) but it was enough to have caused all my lower back pain that I have also suffered with for many years. Yes, you guessed it no one else has ever picked that up before either.

He then proceeded to manipulate my coccyx internally - more red faced than in pain - he managed to 'click' it and did some acupuncture and massage. He sent me away with some exercises to do and a little internal heel 'build up' for the shorter leg.

The coccyx is now about 80% better and the lower back pain is mostly gone. I have to go back to see him after one month for another session but I cannot believe the difference it has made to me. For the first time in two years I can sit on my bum instead of to one side, I can stand without feeling that my bum was going to fall out, I can go over bumps in the car without screaming with the pain, and I can sleep all through the night - BLISS.

After spending thousands of pounds to find a cure I have found it for a fraction of the price and no surgery. Thanks to this website I have got my life back, I even managed a five hour car journey yesterday!!

I will keep you updated on my progress and once again THANK YOU SO MUCH


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