Post-op pain

Mlissa -

Posted 2006-04-15

Hey all. I had my tailbone removed (after a shower fall) in the beginning on December. I now regret it totally. I am in severe pain, depending on how I sleep. I awaken myself in cries of pain if I have slept on my back too long.

I moved 9000 miles away from my doc after he cleared me (the incision site looked fine)... so what to do now? It isn't the part that was painful before. He said the tailbone was totally broken, not even attached. Now the pain is right to the left side of where the incision was and with a gentle push it hurts pretty bad. Why would it hurt there? I cannot get home to the doctor to see him until May, and the doctors here.. Well, Don't speak Thai and don't seem to think they will have a clue as to what I am talking about, after all, this is a rather uncommon surgery.. ANYONE... same issues?

Please respond. mlissa

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