Childbirth caused coccyx problem 15 years ago

Katy -

Posted 2006-06-18

My coccyx was damaged 15 years ago whilst giving birth. The hospital staff were not really interested and I spent the first month at home in agony. I have had various problems during the last 15 years with associated problems because I sit on one buttock or forward which puts other parts of my back and neck under pressure. It is too painful to ride a bike or sit for long periods of time. I have just put up with it because my doctor said there was nothing anyone can do.

Just over a week ago I fell in the garden and nearly passed out with the pain. Since then I have not been able to sit at all. I lay on my side. The only relief is if I pull my bottom cheeks apart, it relieves the pressure. Have not been to work all week and cant imagine going back yet as I have to sit down to work. I am typing this stood up. The problem is if I stand too long it causes pain, I can't sleep at night as can only get comfortable curled up in a ball and keep waking up when I move.

Went to the doctors last week and my usual doctor was away. The doctor was very sympathetic and said I have probably damaged it further and perhaps should be referred to the hospital but only by my own doctor. He told me not to sit at all. Its my birthday tomorrow so I can forget the candlelit dinner with my husband. The doctor suggested that I really should do something now as I am 43 and things will only get worse. I can't drive at the moment either!

Today I went back to see my own doctor who said there is nothing anyone can do and that I just have to live with it. Many doctors seem to dismiss it and think you are whinging. She wrote me a sick certificate without even asking me what I did for a job and I am sure she thinks I just want a week in the sun in the garden. Perhaps she would like to eat laying down and find the only relief is sitting on the toilet where the tailbone can dangle freely.

Came home fed up and decided to look on the internet and found this site. BRILLIANT. It has given me so much information although very different opinions etc.

I have now just emailed a consultant who I found on this site in Berkshire and am waiting to hear back. Has anyone been treated on the NHS and if so how long etc. If anyone has paid for treatment or coccyx removal in UK can they let me know the cost. I am now desperate to sort something out and feel very frustrated.


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