Intense throbbing pain

Michelle -

Posted 2006-03-11

Hi, my situation is a bit different than the many I have read. I have never seen a doctor for my pain - as I am just too embarrassed. My pain began many many years ago and I cannot recall any injury to my tailbone then or now. I get this pain (from what feels like) deep in my anus. It's a very intense throbbing pain that sends my body into quivers and shakes. My pain varies from maybe once a week, to 3 times a week, to once every two weeks. It begins as a minor throbbing in my rear end and leads up to a constant intense throbbing that lasts up to 5-6 hours. For me, it's very difficult to walk, breath, talk etc... because of the intense throbbing.

This pain is so random that it has awaken me from a sound sleep, it comes on in the morning when I get up, in mid day, in the evening... whenever it seems. Occasionally the pain has been triggered by sex-only after an orgasm. The pain is so intense that I have fainted a couple times. I do not engage in anal sex, nor have I ever. The only thing that seems to help my pain is time...wait it out. Does anybody know what this pain may be associated with?


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