Can anyone recommend a good mattress?


Posted 2006-05-14

I wondered if any of your site's users could recommend a good mattress for coccyx pain. I want to spend money on a decent one but I can't find any specific recommendations online.

Update, 2006-05-14

Hi Zoe

I saw your posting and had to reply. I would strongly recommend Tempur mattresses. They were designed by NASA apparently and are visco-elastic which basically means when you lie on it, it reacts with the heat in your body and moulds to your shape! It also means you have no pressure points on any of your joints which is heaven!

I have had spinal fusions and my coccyx removed (still can't sit without pain so I wouldn't bother trying that!) and that mattress has been a godsend. When I first had my coccyx pain I found this mattress and could have weeped with happiness when I tried it in the shop, it was that much of a relief!

They are very expensive so if you don't want to shell out for one there are alternatives that are just as good that are designed in the same way. I got my tempur copy from John Lewis (UK). It's called "Impressions". It was about £600 as opposed to Tempur which would have been £1500 or something.

Natalie -

Note from Jon Miles: To find such mattresses on a search engine, try searching for memory foam mattress, visco-elastic mattress, tempur mattress or tempur-pedic mattress.

See the page on lying comfortably for more solutions.

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