Arnica helped the pain

Frankie Empl -

Posted 2006-03-26

I recently fell down my stairs and injured my tailbone (ouch!!!!) and came across your website. I found it very helpful and reassuring. I would also like to share with you and your readers my success with the herb arnica in my speedy recovery and pain relief. I used it in a gel form, made by Weleda brand.

When I fell, I was carrying my 11 kilo daughter in my arms, and landed on my tailbone so hard that my body went into shock -- I began shivering and felt very strange and frightened. (Very fortunately my young daughter was not hurt). That first night when it happened, I really wondered if I would ever feel good again or ever be able to hold my daughter -- I don't think I have ever felt such intense pain before in my life. Well, I stayed in bed for 4 days straight, applying arnica gel to my tush 3-4 times per day.

It has now been almost 3 weeks since I fell and I am almost completely healed. I still have a tiny amount of tenderness, but it is negligible. I am back to doing all the things I did before I fell. I am still applying arnica gel twice daily and am certain I will be completely pain-free and back to normal within another week or less.

I am from the U.S., where arnica is not commonly known, but am presently living in France. I was recommended arnica by a friend and was at first skeptical of it helping me at all, but I thought I will try anything! It has worked so well for me that I am planning on just keeping some arnica gel in my medicine cabinet like I do aspirin.


Frankie Empl

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