Coccyx, what a pain in the bum!!!!

Debbie -

Posted 2006-03-05

Approximately six years ago I fell over and landed on my bum, because of the pain I was in I knew I had done something bad. I went to A & E I had 1 x-ray and 1 pain killer injection. I was in A & E for a total of 6 hours, I was told that I had broken my Sacrum bone clean off. (I can hear you all go oh painful, and yes It was very painful), after a number of visits to the Fracture clinic, I was told it had healed, but the way it had healed was outwards, over the following months the pain changed, so I went back to the fracture clinic.

I was told I now have Coccyxidyina, (I remember thinking what's that) but now 5 half years later I feel that I am able to write a book on it. I have had injections, spine manipulation & Physio and nothing up to now has worked.

I have now been discharged from the local hospital, my normal Dr has said for the years that something they do will work and I will no longer suffer from this pain, but on Wednesday I went again for a check up to be told from a new doctor who has now taken over from doctor (who now is off playing golf all day) that he is sorry but there is nothing more they can do.

He did recommend acupuncture but that isn't available on the NHS, as you can imagine I was heart broken, the thought of this pain for the rest of my life. I think one of the worst things about this problem, is that because there is nothing anyone can see, (not that I would show my bottom to anyone, but you get the idea), they don't realise how painful it is and how it controls your life.

If anyone has any ideas or would like to offer support or help. Please contact me on

Update, 2006-05-07

Hi everyone, I thought I would let you all know how I am doing since my initial message. I have had 3 sessions of acupuncture, which do not seem to be working, I am going for my last one next week, oh well it was worth a shot!!!!!!

I went yesterday to see my new doctor at the local hospital, I explained my story again from the start, then afterwards he said urm!!!!!!!!!! Then followed by it by "we can try one last injection today then come back and see me in 8 weeks. If the injections have not cleared it up completely, he will refer me to a another doctor who is a spine specialist, and he will be requesting that he does surgery.

Yipppeeeeee, after 6 years I will finally be rid of my coccyx. I am today in more pain, since he repeated the injections yesterday but I know that an operation is a major thing, but I feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel…. I would like to know what you all think about it, should I have the operation or should I put up with the pain..???????????????????? or is there anything else I could try??? if so please tell me.

Please contact me on, look forward to hearing from you.

Update, 2006-08-20

I thought I would give you a quick update, as you can see from the messages above, I too have coccyx pain, I have had lots of treatment for the condition, my last visit to the hospital they have suggested an MRI Scan, which is this Thursday at 9 am, at my local hospital. It has been a while now since my last injection which are also my last injections, after I have had my MRI it will be about 3 weeks before they will get my results, the pain isn't has bad has it has been, but I think after 6 years I am getting more and more used to the pain, I will leave a message as soon as I get more info.

Cheers. I love this site..... I have found this site so helpful....

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