Sudden coccyx pain in the night

Anonymous -

Posted 2006-04-15

I wanted to share my story to see if anyone else experiences the intermittent pain as I do.

I've had pain in the coccyx for a few years now. My story is different in that my pain usually wakes me from a dead sleep and comes out of nowhere (no warning) and it last for 10-30 minutes but it is the most excruciating pain in the world. At times, I think I would shoot myself to end the intensity and severity of this pain I'm going through at the moment. I become very warm and nauseous from this pain. I cannot help but scream and moan the pain is so bad. This happens only at night (usually 2-3 hours after I've been sleeping) and only every 4-6 weeks (thank god). It's a very exhausting, painful experience. The next day however, there is usually no trace of the pain or that I had experienced such agony the night before but I know I have 4-6 weeks for the next episode. I don't know of any injuries to the coccyx but did deliver 2 large babies (9 lbs) many years ago and suppose there could be damage from that.

I like others have been to the doctors many times for this and they just tell me there isn't much they can do. It was so severe last time that they finally sent me to Physical Therapy. They only told me to do exercises to strengthen my back-that does absolutely nothing. I do have scoliosis-my spine has a "s" shape towards the end of the spine which has caused some hip pain over the years. I've never had major back problems or anything like that. The PT does say I stand and sit incorrectly because of my scoliosis and to try and correct that - hard thing to do.

So does anybody out there experience anything similar to mine only every 4-6 weeks and excruciating beyond all imaginable?

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