Help! Childbirth coxxyx pain


Posted 2006-12-17

I had a completely natural child birth in a bathtub 17 months ago. While I was pushing there was a very loud popping sound. After I delivered my son and tried to get out of the bathtub I knew it was my tail bone. I could hardly walk, sit, or lay down. The pain was horrible. I couldn't even sit on the pillows with the hole in them. I had to have help getting in and out of chairs, half the time to get around I would just crawl or walk around bent over.

I can't exactly say when I was able to sit by myself but it eventually became bearable. I still can't sit on some things without it hurting. Even driving sometimes it hurts. I do think that I have some secondary symptoms of coxxyx: I can't force myself to go to sleep no matter how tired I am, when I finally do go to sleep I wake up and want to sleep the rest of the day, some pain with sex, and I feel depressed.

There are some things that I am curious about. I don't know if they are related to coxxyx pain but I hope to find out soon. I hardly had strength to lift small items. I couldn't open water bottles without struggling, and feeling like my hand wasn't gripping it tight enough. I could hardly pick up my newborn son and to top it off my mom and sister thought I was making it up so I didn't have to get up.

Now I really don't know if the next symptoms are from coxxyx but I will say them anyway. My body feels brittle like I'm a 90 year old woman, and I bruise extremely easy. I have no motivation to do simple daily tasks...maybe that comes with the depression but I don't know for sure. This one freaks me out, but I get horrible cramps, almost like period cramps, like someone is sending an electrical current from one side of my hip to the other. I am going crazy with all these things that are wrong with me and it feels like the doctors don't even listen. I need answers from people who have actually had this happen to know if I'm really just going nuts or not. I need something to tell me that these things aren't just happening for no reason.

My husband doesn't even believe me and gets frustrated with me because I can't be the mother and "housewife" that I should be.

Well thanks for letting me tell my story and get some of this weight off of my shoulders. If anyone has had the same experiences let me know.


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