Coccyx pain ongoing

Marian -

Posted 2006-05-14

Hi my name is Marian, I injured my coccyx in Dec 2005, went for an exray, orthopedist looked, is it broken? No, maybe, no I guess not. Told me I'd probably be in pain for several months, he couldn't really be sure. I did not have a dynamic exray. He dispensed Ultram, nasty little pill that made me sleepy, did not offer any relief, and gave me hives.

I called his office to see if I might try something else, of course the answer was no, take some Ibuprofen, again, worthless. Talked to a public health nurse - she said in the same breath - try to stay off it - and resume what ever your schedule or life dictates. What if I were a brick tender by trade? No one seems to be able to tell me what I can, or should not do to precipitate healing.

I mentioned prollo therapy, what's that? They create a small injury in your body/usually a saline injection at the site-to stimulate your body's own healing response, or I guess there could be a steroid shot as well. None of these have been offered to me, they want me to quietly go away.

Any suggestions? Anything that could help? Feel free to E-mail me.

Regards, Marian

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