Steroid ointment helped

Anonymous -

Posted 2006-08-13

I too suffered from coccidynia and went to several doctors without any benefit. The pain was often unbearable. Finally, on my own, I decided to try applying clobetasol ointment 0.05% to the skin just over the coccyx. This is a highly potent steroid ointment that will penetrate the skin. I had the ointment left over from a prescription for a previous condition.

After about 2 weeks I noticed a definite decrease in my discomfort level so I continued with a pattern of 2 weeks using and one week off for a couple months and now about every other week I use it.

I can't say the problem is gone but the pain is probably about 10-15 percent of what it was at its worst. Sometimes now I even forget about it for a few days and I think that maybe some time it may just go away.

I use just a very small amount since the area to apply it to is so small. My current tube still has about a third of the ointment still left in the tube.

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