Pain is worsening

Pat -

Posted 2006-04-30

I was sledding down a very steep hill (called "Devil's Hill" - so apropos) on a very cold night, and the snow was like ice, and my ex and I were on the back of the toboggan and two friends on the front. We went over two hills where I just lost my breath, but the 4th hill threw my ex and myself way up in the air and I slammed down and rolled over and just slid down and couldn't even breathe for a while.

I just couldn't move. My ex feared he'd even hurt his kidneys. Then I finally got it together and everyone treated me like a 'baby' for scaring them so and we got up and went home. I was quite sore but eventually it got better.

Then about 10 years later after I'd left my ex I was thinner and it hurt a lot to sit on hard surfaces so I asked a doctor to check it out. He called in another doctor and it was determined my coccyx was broken and sticking out and the prescription was to gain weight! I've never had a problem with pain though.

Now the other day I fell pretty hard on the floor and hit it very hard and landed on my sacrum and the pain seems to worsen (about 2 weeks ago) instead of getting better. Oh well, so glad I never experienced the pain you all have with the coccyx. I have no idea why, as it sticks almost straight out.


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