Before you get surgery, please read my story.....

Stacia -

Posted 2006-09-17

Hi. I am a 21 year old woman and I had my baby boy 18 months ago. Immediately after delivering him naturally, my tailbone was hurting me so much it was unreal. And to make a very long story short... 18 months later... it still is.

I went to a Chiropractor and he said that when you give birth, your pelvis opens up and then afterwards it fuses back together. He said that when mine fused back that it did so crooked. Therefor it was also making my spine curve to the left. It hurts to lie on the floor, or on my bed flat. Sitting on a bench, or a chair without a cushion is painful. I cannot drive for more than 25 minutes or so without being in pain, that's on a coccyx cushion. You can feel my tailbone sticking out, its very sharp. There is also a lump above my tailbone, I am guessing that's inflammation?

I started taking Naproxen about 2 weeks ago, but it still has done nothing for me. I have gone to an Orthopedic Specialist and he says that this is an uncommon problem that he cannot do anything about. He said that there are injections and surgery, both of which are almost too dangerous to follow through with seeing as the tailbone is so close to the bowel, that you are dealing with a very dangerous, infection prone situation, especially with the opportunity of developing a fistula.

I am at a loss of what to do. I am a stay at home mom, and surgery wouldn't be too good of an option seeing as I have no-one available that could help me with my son. I am tired of the pain. I went to the Chiropractor yesterday and he says he doesn't think that there is a way that he could move the tailbone, yet he thinks that he could stretch the muscles. Well he went to do that and he hurt my tailbone so bad I grabbed his hand off of me, then apologized. It hurt too bad, I didn't know what else to do.

Please, please if anyone has any suggestions at all, e-mail me, the more e-mails the better, maybe someone has some advice that will help me.

Have a blessed day


Update, 2006-10-08

I posted on here about a week or so ago about my tailbone, immediately after giving birth it hurt. I have been in pain for 19 months. I have gone to an orthopedic specialist which said the only option was surgery and injections. I went to a Chiropractor after that and found that those 2 things weren't the only options. He suggested that I get a internal adjustment.

At first I was completely against the idea, but the more I thought about the possibility of no more pain and not having to have surgery, the more of an option it became for me. I had the procedure done last Thursday, and it is now Monday. I was about a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10. Now I would say I am at a 2 sometimes a 3 max. It is amazing.

The procedure is done by a Chiropractor, he goes in rectally and moves the tailbone. It does not hurt as bad as getting it moved from the outside, (which I had done but did not get to have him finish because of the tremendous pain). I would definitely recommend having this procedure done if you are in pain because of your tailbone.

I was terrified at the thought of surgery, especially being a stay at home mom, but now I can play on the floor with my son, sit at the computer, or in a chair, and not be in the pain that I was in. I am not use to it not hurting, it is a huge adjustment, but one that I am thrilled to of had the opportunity to have made. I thank the Chiropractor, and I thank God as well. I never thought that the pain was going to go away, and for the most part it has.

If anyone has any questions or anything, please feel free to e-mail me

Thanks so much


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