Having injection Thursday 21 December

Judah - misternad@optonline.net

Posted 2006-12-28

I'm probably posting this too late but thought I'd give it a shot (no pun intended).

After 10 years of discomfort, thanks to this site, I finally found a doctor who understood what I was dealing with Dr. Gotlin in New York (see list of doctors and specialists in the USA). After 10 years I resigned myself to adapting to my chronic problem (I'm know typing this on my knees) but would love a solution. I'm having an injection on Thursday 21 December and am concerned because I haven't seen any personal experiences on this site that have reported any positive permanent results as a result of an injection(s). If you have, I'd like to know, as well as what to expect when I go in for the injection.

By the way, I've found inflatable neck rests to be a great travel cushion. They fit in your pocket and are a lot less noticeable than walking around with a tush cush.


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