Pain relief from Nexium?

Sharon -

Posted 2006-03-11

I cracked my coccyx when pushing my first born out 31 years ago. I sat on pillows for months and have learned to live with the pain which is very bad and laying down to sleep seems to be the worse. Well, lots have pain with this so I have been reading, but this is the question that will seem very odd, but I swear it is true. Lately I have been taking some Nexium (a drug which blocks the production of acid by the stomach) for a off/on gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) problem and every time I take the Nexium I am almost pain free in my coccyx that night and can sleep without pain. I take the Nexium right before bed and it even feels good when I wake up in the morning till later in the day.

Has anyone else ever had the same thing happen? I will not take the Nexium and have a painful night with the coccyx and then try the Nexium the next night and be almost pain free. I do not like taking any medication and don't like taking Nexium, but it is a relief and I can get a good sleep. I am not taking any other med.

Please respond, or give it a try and see if it helps.

PS. last year I had a MRI and x-ray that showed nothing. I did not have the sitting x-rays. I wish I would have known about those then. It was disappointing that they didn't find anything that causes this pain. I am not imagining it (wish it were only that).

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