Two months post op

Beverly -

Posted 2006-01-08

My name's Beverly, I'm 42 from the UK. I was rear ended in a car in may 2002, ever since I've had coccyx pain, pain in the sacrum and low back pain, pain walking and pain standing.

Eventually after 3 years I had my coccygectomy 31 Oct. 2005 and now 2 months later pain is still the same if not worse at times and walking is more difficult. So I'm still pretty much housebound, lying most of the time, and only walking to my local shop 3-4 times a week (a five minute walk)

I'd love to hear from anyone who has been disabled as much as myself. Also from anyone who can give me an idea what to do next. I just cannot spend the rest of my life inside these four walls.

Feel free to email


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