Surgery will take a long time to heal

Helen -

Posted 2006-08-13

(See also Helen's previous posting)

I thought I would pass on some of the advice I have received about surgeries of the coccyx. Those reading your site may be interested (I know I was!)

The success of surgery will be affected ONLY & SOLELY by what YOU do, when YOU do it, and how YOU do it.

It is normal for the recovery to take a while. The tissues in the area are tighter as they will have been cut and stretched and this internal tissue healing process takes at least three months. Depending on padding, the weight distribution when walking, laying, or doing any activity will also affect the recovery and the rate of healing.

Laying flat on the front for a period is required, and toiletting and bending should be avoided, standing to use a bottle instead. Pins and needles, backache and neckache will annoy you, but stick with it.

Sort the diet out, avoid constipation, eat good food, avoid baths, stand in the shower instead.

If you begin activity too soon (within a week) you will take longer to heal. If you wait, your recovery will be more successful. The less movement in the area, the better, to allow healing to occur. IF IT HURTS, DON'T DO IT. Do everything slower for a few weeks.

The surgery will recover quicker if you do nothing, as everything you do in the area will disrupt the healing process until the tissues and your new 'end of spine' are settled. This can take up to a year, or longer and I was told 'for every day you had it, it will take a day to get better'.

AVOID SITTING much as possible-use cushions, stand up, sit on the side. It will get more better quicker if you lay down on the front for 6 weeks after the op, avoid all activity around the area (sitting) and do some swimming if you feel you can (6 weeks post op).


Hope this helps


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