I started experiencing horrible pain while sitting


Posted 2006-02-26

My name is Chene' and I'm a 38 year old female. About 4 years ago I sat in a chair, a fellow employee had broken it the day before and neglected to tell me, it gave way and I proceeded to fall to the floor. The pain was awful and I realized right away something was wrong. I went to an urgent care center later in the day because the pain was becoming unbearable. After x-rays it was determined that I had in fact, broken my tailbone. Oh joy! Over the next couple of weeks I rotated from pillows to no pillows to keep the pain at bay. Lucky for me my "threshold for pain" is very great and I can usually deal with a lot. Things improved and I only experienced pain occasionally when I sat on benches at my childrens' ball games or their school events. Riding in a car for more than an hour or so could sometimes bring on the pain also.

Four months ago I started experiencing "horrible" pain while sitting. Forget the trying to stand up part, that was the real painful part. It is so embarrassing to be out with my boyfriend at dinner or the movies and be shifting in my sitting constantly because of the pain. When the standing up part comes it is awful just thinking about trying to get out of my seat. I feel like a 90 year old little lady, holding onto the table or chair just to get the right balance so I can get up. Riding in a car for any period of time is a problem again too. I shift constantly trying to get comfortable. During work I have to lean forward in my chair or else I might have a really difficult time getting out of it. Seeing as how I'm an office manager and sit most of my 9 hour work day, life is not fun at the moment. Pillows and medication do nothing for the pain. I'm on Advil and Tylenol occasionally for ankle surgery I had 3 months ago and it does nothing to alleviate the pain in my tailbone.

Thanks to Jon's site, I have an appointment with Dr. Dickerson, in Charlotte, on Monday. Wish me luck!

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Update, 2006-03-11

Just thought I'd give an update on my visit with Dr. Dickerson that was on February 27 2006. I was impressed with Dr. Dickerson, he seemed very knowledgeable and did not rush me through the visit. He asked me tons of questions about the pain, when I experienced it the most, etc. From my X rays he said that my tailbone was pushed up the wrong way that was causing the pain. He suggested cortisone shots to start and then we would progress from there if needed. He felt confident the shots would do the trick. At the time he was treating 2 other women with the same injuries as mine and they were going 6 to 8 months in between shots. To me that sounded wonderful, as I would like to avoid surgery. He said if the shots did not work that surgery was an option. Over the years he said he sees about a 90% success rate with the surgery. The down side to it is it does take about a 4 month recovery period before you are 100% again. There are issues with a drainage hole they have to leave. You have to have it packed and bandaged very frequently from what he told me. There is a great risk for infection because of where the incision is located. So the shots are the best way to go obviously.

I had two shots that day and I am happy to say I noticed a change within hours. For starters, the shots were nothing like I expected. I thought the shots would be very painful considering where they were going, but they were nothing. Just a couple of "pinch-like" pains and we were done. I had what I considered "normal" soreness from the shots, nothing really to even complain about. By the next day there was almost no pain with getting up from chairs. I no longer have to lean forward all day. I do notice if I get in a reclined position I can aggravate it a little but nothing like before. Its been over two weeks now and there has only been one time that I experienced any real pain from getting out of a chair. Once in a little while, I can feel a little pain but it is nothing like before. I am hoping these shots continue to work this well as I do want to avoid surgery. I will keep you updated as things progress. I have another appointment with Dr. Dickerson on April 10 in case the pain returns. Most people need cortisone shots about every 6 weeks. I am hoping I go the 6 to 8 months like his other patients.

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