Pain started while doing sit-ups

SGT Kirkland -

Posted 2006-01-08

I am a SGT in the US Army, with chronic coccydynia for the last 9 months. Due to the nature of my job, Intelligence, I am not overly active, besides the occasional lifting of heavy objects.

I'm not entirely sure how I came to do it, but my coccydynia stems from an anterior dislocation and fracture of the coccyx at the coccigial/sacral joint. I was having lower back pain at sporadic intervals usually lasting only a few hours, a day at the longest. But right before this occurred, I was in pain for almost a week. I really didn't think much of it, only that I was pushing myself too hard.

Then came the first day of Physical Training after a training exercise, when this current pain first started. While doing sit-ups I felt a sharp pain tear up my back, it nearly incapacitated me. At first the Doctor I saw though it might be sciatica, but after a week with no change, he ordered some X-rays, that's when we found out I had broken my tail bone.

For treatment I received 2 caudal steroid injections, and an impar ganglion block with only temporary relief of pain.

After several months I'm certain that it's healed however, I still suffer constant lower back pain approx a 5-6 out of 10. And now I am on my way to being Medically Discharged from the Army. I have a few more appointments with some new Doctors, and hopefully they will be able to answer my questions better than the army doctors have. As a by product of my occupation I try to gather as much information about any situation I find myself in. If you could I would like any information you might have on possible diagnoses for my situation. Thanks in advance...

SGT Kirkland

"Without Intelligence a terrible thing happens. Nothing."

Update, 2006-03-11

A few months ago, I had emailed my personal experience to you. But finally after a long stretch of tests, and failed procedures, I know what my problem is . . . misdiagnosis. For the last 10 months, I've believed that I had broken my tail bone, but recently I had a bone scan, and an MRI done. The results we're a little enlightening. It turns out that I had never broken my tail bone. The bone scan showed no evidence at all of a fracture. The MRI however picked up a great deal of swelling in my sacral disks. They are unsure at this time what's causing the swelling, possibly some kind of inflammation, but that is what's causing all of the pain. Nothing like army doctors, huh? Never the less, they plan to MEB me some time in the immediate future. On the bright side, I'll get separation pay, a pension, plus I'll still be covered by the army for Medical treatment.

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