Painkilling patches to treat coccyx pain

If you use painkilling patches to help with coccyx pain, you need to be careful not to use them to mask the pain, sit longer, and aggravate the cause of the pain.

People have reported the use of three types of patch to help with coccyx pain. The patch is placed over the coccyx, and releases a drug into the skin.

Personal experiences of painkilling patches:

2012-10-14 - Ben Lim - Anti-inflammatory plaster

2004-11-07 - Alan Palmer - Pain in the backside cured

2004-03-28 - Bruce Ashmore - Pain patches don't work so well any more - any doctors around Chicago?

2003-10-19 - Karen - Had coccygectomy after other treatments failed

2003-09-07 - Donna - Update - I've fallen and I can't get up!

2003-01-12 - Gogeomol - Fell over the cat

2002-05-05 - M O'Brien - Any link between coccyx injuries and IBS?

2001-12-19 - Kim and Alan - Kim is facing surgery

2001-08-05 - Nancy - Tried everything but still in pain

2000-12-16 - Gogooky - Lidocaine patches for pain relief

Updated 2012-10-14

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