Comments from specialists about treatment of coccydynia

Meine Veldman, The Netherlands - treatment of the coccyx (tailbone)

Rajveer Singh, India - combination of exercises and manipulation along with pain management

Magnus Ericsson, Sweden - gentle osteopathic treatment for coccyx pain

Michael Durtnall, UK - early manual treatment is important in ensuring a successful outcome

Jerry Hesch, USA - reduction of posterior coccyx subluxation

Albrecht, Germany - whiplash is associated with coccydynia

Robert S. Gotlin, USA - manual techniques are used, plus injections if necessary

A Physical Therapist - external manipulation is often successful, with internal manipulation used if necessary

Brian Chan, USA - trigger point therapy with external and internal manipulation was successful

Tariq Maqsood Khan, Pakistan - injection of corticosteriod plus anesthetic usually produces permanent relief

Michael J Elliott, UK - treatment of coccydynia should be multi-disciplinary

Adrian Good, Australia - gluteus maxiumus syndrome can be a cause of coccyx pain

Scott Middleton, UK - chiropractic manipulation can often produce a very quick result

Paolo Marchettini, Italy - spinal stimulation for the relief of coccydynia

Mark Bloomfield, UK - coccygectomy is generally successful if patients are carefully selected and counselled

Jean-Yves Maigne, France - results of research on different aspects of diagnosis and treatment of coccydynia

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