Comments from Dr. Robert S. Gotlin about treatment of coccydynia

I was referred to the site by a few patients. I practice in New York City (I direct the Orthopaedic Sports and Spine Rehabilitation Program at Beth Israel Medical Center). I treat a very large number of patients with coccygodynia and employ manual techniques along with injections when needed.

Recently, I tracked outcome results (manual treatment vs. conventional management-physical therapy/medications) of a group of such patients and we will publish these results later in the year.

I have been treating this entity for approximately 15 years and understand the frustration those inflicted with it have, especially when they cannot find a clinician understanding of this condition.

Robert S. Gotlin, DO, 245 Fifth Ave., 2nd Floor, New York, N.Y. 10016, Telephone 646 935-2255

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