Combination of exercises and manipulation along with pain management

Dr.Rajveer Singh (PT) -

My first case was an anteriorly subluxed coccyx. I asked the patient to wait for three weeks and said him to use cushion for those three weeks. After three weeks I started exercises in combination with internal manipulation and pain management.

Since then till today the techniques are same, just a little change in exercises depends upon person to person but exercises are a must for long run, and I ask them to continue exercises for at least six months though they get good relief in few days. The reason behind the exercises for long run is most of them sit for long time as most of them are software employees, or they sit for long hours, so I feel its better to focus on exercises more.

In last seven years of practice one more thing I have noticed we should motivate them a lot to come out from the fear that its not curable, here in India, most of them are very shy to share and by the time they reach me the case is already few years old.

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