Treatment of the coccyx (tailbone)

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Frequently treatment of coccyx pain is not limited to the tailbone. Both with acute and chronic symptoms, the complete chain of artrogenic-muscular-visceral structures (joints-muscles-organs) play an important role.

The symptoms are often caused by trauma (e.g. fall on the pelvis), as a consequence of giving childbirth or resulting from abuse.

The disposition of the tailbone coincides with:

Disposition of the sacrum

Hypo-mobility of L5-S1

Low-lumbar disc suffering

Hypo-mobility of the thoracic and cervical spine

Headache due to irritation of the dura mater

Reactive disbalance of the muscular-visceral chain

Repositioning of the tailbone is applied externally in a patient-friendly manner and both with acute and chronic symptoms, immediate reaction is expected. In case of a positive response, after two treatments the patient will be practically free of symptoms.

In case of persisting symptoms, in order to assess the tailbone's position, it is advised to make lateral X-rays in standing and sitting positions (see dynamic x-rays). This is also important for pain clinic combination-treatment: both a repositioning treatment and a pain killing injection on one day. When experiencing persisting symptoms combination treatment has a positive effect. Often only one combination-treatment is sufficiently effective. Sometimes a second injection is requested in order to ensure effectiveness.

Purpose of the treatment is to rebalance the joints, musculature and viscera for functional optimization. Therefore it is essential to have interdisciplinary cooperation between pelvic therapist, osteopath, Cesar therapist and/or acupuncturist.

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